2019 Summer Instruction Camp

2019 Instruction Camp Theme: Inclusive Teaching Practices

Our theme this year was Inclusive Teaching Practices. Our guest speaker this year was Dr. Jennifer Maney from Marquette University Center for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Maney led our first day session. We began camp by reflecting on our own personal identity markers as a means to recognize the diverse make-up of our learning cohort. Dr. Maney introduced important theories for inclusive teaching and then we situated those theories in our library practice, not just the classroom but the whole of the library, through a jigsaw exercise. Since a fair number of our cohort was very familiar with this topic we were able to generate quite a few practical ideas to immediate apply and embody in our own workplaces. 


Social Identity Wheel Activity



Whiteboard captures:

Think about how our library addresses Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in these four areas:

  1. Collections
  2. Accessibility
  3. Space
  4. Users

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Accessibility of our stacks – all students can request items are retrieved for pick-up at main circulation desk on first floor
  2. Work with vendors to ensure PDFs have descriptive features as well as audio, etc.
  3. Survey multicultural students to better understand their needs
  4. Include independently published books in browsing collections
  5. Review your library policies and ask, “Why?”
  6. Work with diverse communities outside of your library
  7. Be attentive to safety in your library and training for your student workers

Day 2 of camp focused specifically on what we do as teachers in our classrooms. After identifying and naming what gets in the way of good inclusive teaching practices, we broke into groups to work together on overcoming those barriers. We were equipped with an inclusive toolkit of readings and checklists curated to help us assess our practices and set an intention for developing a new inclusive practice.

Interrogating one’s practices can be uncomfortable. I was pleased to see and hear from attendees that they were able to share honestly and openly about real and perceived barriers and receive support and encouragement for changing their practices to be more inclusive.

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