Information Literacy in Theological Education

I present here my keynote presentation and workshop from the Fall 2016 Chicago Area Theological Library Association.

I thoroughly enjoyed preparing and speaking at this event as it gave me the opportunity to analyze the Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education through a disciplinary lens. I hope that my colleagues in CATLA will share broadly with their peers how they adopt the Framework in local practice.


2 thoughts on “Information Literacy in Theological Education

  1. I’ve had this bookmarked for months! Thanks. I am going to read Wiggins and McTighe. Thank you!

    I teach a research session to a writing class that studies the moment social movements became intersectional. Because of the topic, I cover searching for books during the session. Your exercise showed me a way to make the exercise I have them do be more meaningful. While I model to students how I might make some initial decisions about whether or now I will download/open/check out a book, I don’t think my students do it in practice because the exercise (via Google Sheet) isn’t explicit about noting why the book may or may not be helpful to them in their research. Having them reflect is really going to demonstrate to me that, at least for this one time, they really did take a look at the things I modeled to them, such as the subject headings, TOC, etc. It seems so obvious to me now. Just this week, I was mentioning to my colleagues about modeling–we don’t actually show students all of the things that we mentally do when making decisions about information. How can we bring that to light? It starts by asking more meaningful questions.

    Thanks again!

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    • Thanks for your comment, Lindsay. I hope that you’ll find new ways to encourage reflection and decision making awareness in your students. Enjoy Wiggins and McTighe!


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