Crowdsourcing an #ILMOOC : Our experience

#ILMOOC cardsorting

#ILMOOC cardsorting

My colleague, Kristin Miller Woodward (@kmmw), has written a great post capturing our experience crowdsourcing an information literacy MOOC at THATCamp ACRL 2013. Over on the THATCamp ACRL 2013 blog, you can find a Storify of the tweets from our work. Kristin’s post captures the process, the enthusiasm of the MOOCers, and perhaps most importantly the intellectual value of working with colleagues, as you can read here in her concluding remarks:

“For the MOOCers at THATCamp, perhaps the abstract process of working with unbundled content is essential. As much as the Info Lit movement was about transferrable skills and associated learning outcomes, we still have strong ties to the 50 minute workshop. This exercise of unbundling the content of Information Literacy, and perhaps building back up to better support MetaLiteracy is exactly what is needed in the changing landscape of higher ed. Hands-on experiences in which we reassure one another and challenge each other through the design process allows us to draw on our collective knowledge and collaborative work ethic and gives us not only the MOOC we made, but the model we can take home. A model that will allow us to create learning experiences for multiple literacies with or without the benefit of a common brick and mortar library on which to base the lessons.” Read the full post here.


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