#IULILC Gleanings for Libraries focusing on High Impact Practices

First off, let me recommend the Indiana University Libraries Information Literacy Colloquium! It was a well organized event that encouraged networking and sharing of practical ideas. If you are looking for an affordable, professional event that will inspire you and give you something to implement when you get back, then you should consider #IULILC.

I was honored to present my work connecting our library summer bridge instruction with campus common read program at the colloquium. Here are my slides.

My session generated a lot of sharing about how folks are already engaging with common read programs on their campuses and ideas for how they could go beyond supporting it with a LibGuide or book distribution. One library is actually partnering with freshmen book club-like courses to lead discussions and left with some new ideas for incorporating information literacy into that setting. I hope that she will share back on the value of that integration.

I attended two roundtable discussions: Info Lit and the Administration Gap and What We Talk About When We Talk About Retention. Both of these discussions were fruitful, providing me with solid material to guide future conversations with colleagues and administrators. Since attending the session I have read Paul Tough chapter on How to Succeed in his book, How Children Succeed. In that chapter he looks at the gap between college acceptance and college completion. The research he synthesizes suggests that knowledge or distillation of content is not the hurdle for students, rather it is the leadership skills, or character traits, that students lack, but that they could develop. Is there an opportunity for library’s to equip students with leadership skills? Is there a campus partner we can support? Maybe a marketing campaign highlighting students caught studying in the library to reinforce the idea of hard work and persistence?

I am most looking forward to the toolkit or model that will be forthcoming from Brian Winterman and folks at Indiana University- Bloomington. Winterman has been developing a model of tiered information literacy integration within the disciplines, specifically biology. I have been interested in a tiered model for sometime and based upon their presentation their approach and model looks like it will be excellent for others to adopt.


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