Summer Instruction Camp Day 1

Summer Instruction Camp in the library is back! Last summer I worked with our instructional design librarian to develop a three session workshop camp as an opportunity for library staff to develop and improve their instruction skills. The format worked so well that we brought it back this summer.

2012 Summer Instruction Camp focused on backward design. 2013 Camp is about flipping the classroom. My instruction coordinator goal is for RIS staff to learn our new Flipped English 102 curriculum, but the concepts, techniques, and pedagogy can be applied to a variety of settings- instruction in the major, staff training, LibGuide development, presentations, etc.

For the first camp session I adapted the ACRL 2013 workshop Flip it…flip it good by Steven Hoover, who had adapted his design worksheets from Wiggins and McTighe. Working in groups attendees first worked through the English 102 course goals to identify what students need to know about the library, next we re-framed these needs into categories of “nice”, “important”, and “enduring”, finally as a large group we card-sorted the needs to reach agreement on the enduring outcomes.

Task 1: Identify what students need to know in order to achieve course goals

Here is a picture of the 18 unique needs developed by our three groups.

2013-06-26 09.58.06

Task 2: Map needs onto Understanding by Design “Egg” [handout]

Prior to starting this group task, our instructional design librarian introduced FiftyThree’s Paper iPad app and stylus as one method groups could use to capture their egg mapping. Ideas captured with Paper can be easily uploaded into LibGuides.

worksheet egg_0001

Worksheet Mapping

Paper Egg

FiftyThree’s Paper mapping

Starred items denote core concepts

Starred items denote core concepts

Task 3: Card sorting needs onto Understanding by Design “Egg”

Our final task was to card sort the 18 needs onto the egg. The result of this group activity was consensus on the need to focus the flipped session on uncovering the how and why of selecting sources to use in conversation with each other in an English 102 research project.

2013-06-26 10.43.26

In preparation for Day 2 of camp, campers are asked to review modules 1-4 of our Information Literacy Tutorial and become familiar with the Flipped English 102 outline. Day 2 of camp will features three work stations:
1. work-shopping example questions for teaching BEAM
2. practicing teaching the source block and BEAM block, and
3. working with Paper to develop digital learning objects to help teach information literacy concepts.

Campers: please share how you’ll be applying what you learned in the comments section!


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