Communicating Learning Outcomes and Standards…Instruction Requests


One of the things ACRL 2013 inspired me to do was to make more connections between learning outcomes and standards within our commonly used tools. Instead of writing up a pretty brochure or unique library page on our outcomes and standards, integrate the language and connections into tools, resources, pages that we use regularly. Last year, I did a little of this when we redesigned our Instruction Page. Now I have updated our Course Integrated Request Form that faculty and instructors use to request instruction from our library. Besides streamlining the content on the form, eliminating redundancy and irrelevant content, the most significant change is in the “instruction menu” section of the form. The menu now communicates common information literacy learning outcomes and maps outcomes to ACRL standards and modules of our Information Literacy Tutorial.


I hope that these changes will help our librarians when preparing for non-standardized instruction sessions, when communicating information literacy skills with faculty and instructors, and for incorporating the Information Literacy Tutorial into their instruction plans.



Instruction Menu


Are you doing anything to incorporate learning outcomes and standards into your work flow? Do you know of someone else doing some great work in this area? Please share!


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