Exploring Maker Spaces – Updated!

[2/20/2013 The slide presentation below has been updated in preparation for my all staff presentation this Friday.]

As part of my strategic planning work I was tasked with introducing the idea of makerspaces to our Executive Leadership Council. I thought it was necessary to showcase some maker spaces in my presentation and connect the broader movement with campus initiatives to highlight the real world impact of student learning.

In my research I found the following blogs, articles, and websites to be most helpful.

1. Library as Incubator Project – an excellent source, culling together a lot of great initiatives around the country.
2. Makerspace: Madison Public Library sees innovation centers as a key part of its future
3. The Makings of Maker Spaces– a two part series from Library Journal
4. Milwaukee Makerspace an interesting local chapter

I would love to hear from you about maker spaces you are involved with and I’m especially interested in hearing about maker spaces on college campuses.

Here are a few academic libraries that have or are developing makerspaces
1. University of Mary Washington – ThinkLab
2. Valdosta State library – in development, hopefully will be up and running Spring 2013
3. North Carolina State University – Digital Media Lab
4. University of Tennessee Chattanooga – Jason Griffey the librarian behind the LibraryBox is the contact


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