#moocmooc Day 6

Assignment: Make a MOOC! I contributed to the MOOC this! document on the basic elements of what a MOOC should include. This exercise will be useful for me as I think about collaborating on an Information Literacy MOOC.

New Terms: PLN (Personal Learning Network); kairotic ; chief learners

Insights: A large aspect of MOOCs, especially xMOOCs, is the creative, collaborative development of content and ideas. It is a shame that this is not captured in the acronym and therefore not really discussed in the popular literature. Again sadly there is too much focus on the capital M.
–“Where we teach affects how we teach” (Sean Michael Morris) this echoes well my thoughts from Day 2’s assignment: Where we learn affects how we learn.

–How does one incorporate technology without shifting the focus to technology?
–What to do about the ease of plagiarism in the online environment? This has been noted as a problem with MOOCs…is it a problem we should worry about? A problem that needs to be addressed?


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