#moocmooc Day 5

Assignment: Need to create a Storify document reflecting on what I’ve learned this week. I’m looking forward to this as I have not yet used this tool. I will update this post with a link to it once it is complete.

New Terms: Rhizomatic

-The grading model presumes the audience for the grades we assign are consumers of, not agents or participants in, the learning process.(Petra Dierkes-Thrun (@petradt) and Robin Wharton (@rswharton)
This quote from today’s intro perfectly captures my concerns with our current assessment practices while at the same time expressing my larger concern about the erosion of the mutual contract in education.
-If memory serves me correctly, Harvard and other founding American Universities did not charge for their education rather students were accepted and expected to pay for room and board only? I’d be interested in reading a short history on student university fees. I’m wondering how student’s role as consumer of a course has impacted learning.

-Our assessment methods should also take advantage of 21st century learning technology. (Dierkes-Thrun & Wharton) I don’t agree that learning technologies should be required tools for assessment. Definitely they should be considered, but valuable peer-to-peer assessment and personal assessment does not require a 21st century technology.

-Is the world really interested in engaging student projects/work? Certain projects over others?
-Are you really advocating for internship/apprenticeship model? Where students do *real* work with real stakes?
-Isn’t one purpose of the classroom to provide a safe space to explore, fail, practice, learn and try again before *real* stakes are involved?

Update: My first Storify
[View the story “What I’ve Learned thus far at MOOC MOOC” on Storify]


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