#moocmooc Day Two

Collaboratively define MOOC in a Google Doc.
I’ve worked with Google Docs before, but usually just with one other person. This was a completely different experience. I was editing and contributing to the doc simultaneously with at least two others. It was rather exciting. At the same time I experienced an old stress. One that I have not had since I completed my last online MLS course. That is the stress of needing to be online constantly in order to keep up with the latest from my colleagues. I really did not enjoy that aspect of online work. I like the feeling of knowing when my job is done.

You can find the final essays on Hybrid Pedagogy.

Insights: The readings today pushed back against the rising tide of MOOCs.
(Side Note: most of the readings came from blogs. While it may be true that traditional publishing is dying, there is clearly still a need for good editors! There were so many typos and misspellings and grammatical errors that some ideas were hard to follow. Is this an opportunity for marketing oneself as a personal editor-for-hire??)

–Is there an authoritative voice in MOOCs?

–Is a MOOC really just an organized path on the Internet?

–Why do we need an acronym? Are we discussing the name more than the concept?

#oucel12 @terguy: MOOCs, Walled Gardens, Analytics and Network: Multi-generation pedagogical innovations [visual notes]By giulia.forsythe


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