#moocmooc Day One

Since this course will be moving pretty fast and I have work, family, and personal things to also attend to this week, I will use this space more for notes and reflections and less as ‘this is what I think.’ I hope to come back at the end of the course and write about my reflections.

globe. Photographs by Simon.

Day one:
Assignments: got my profile set-up in Canvas. I’ve never used Canvas before, but right off the bat I liked the inter-connectivity with popular social media tools. I was also wondering about privacy, FERPA, and security issues as I pondered which tools to connect with Canvas. I’m sure there is documentation on their policies. I wonder if schools that use Canvas recommend that students set up unique accounts for class use only?

New terms: participative pedagogical model; connectivist theory of learning; distributed knowledge base

–MOOC should not be about the transfer of knowledge online, rather transforming knowledge. (George Siemens)
The connectivity, the interaction, is the valuable in MOOCs.
–Lifelong networked learning – is there space for a connection with info lit’s lifelong independent learners?
–A MOOC almost requires good search skills- or at least basic search skills- in order to stay abreast of the networked knowledge that is being created. Should a simple info lit intro be recommended for new MOOC participants?


2 thoughts on “#moocmooc Day One

  1. I too was taken by Canvas’s integration of social media tools. My earlier experiences of MOOCs were “xMOOCs”—Udacity and Coursera—and the simple change of having a dashboard integrated with social media tools immediately transformed the feel of the course and encouraged a more connectivist mode of learning.


    • It makes me think that an open LMS may be a good thing for MOOCs. Perhaps something to reflect upon at the end of the week, especially if you’ve participated in a MOOC without an LMS.


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