Playing = Learning

I’m coming back to an old post idea that I never got around to, but thankfully the idea is not outdated and with the university summer officially here it also seems very timely to discuss.

Like others in academia summer is a time to tackle Projects with a capital P because we usually think about this things are very important to our work. Things that wish we could accomplish during the academic year, but we never find the time.

Inspired by, the now very old post from Jason B. Jones @ProfHacker, I’m thinking about how my summer might be spent Playing instead of doing project. Jason talks about incorporating imaginative play into the classroom. He also talks about how frequently adults engage in the process of imagining scenarios and outcomes and solutions all of the time but we don’t call it play.

Water Works at Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

So I’d like to officially call my summer project work PLAY. My summer play this year will include imagining new learning curriculum for our Summer Bridge students, new library orientation (both of which coincidentally might also involve students).

I’m hoping that engaging with my work through this new lens of play will help energize me and lead to new creative and successful outcomes.


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