Jing it!

The UWM Libraries Ask A Librarian services have been busy these days. Our IM service point has been especially busy. This afternoon I handled multiple chats at once and I kept thinking, “Thank God for Jing!” Jing is free software from TechSmith that allows people to easily use visuals (images and short videos) to enhance their online conversations. Instead of telling someone you can show someone.

This is especially nice when answering reference chats in Meebo or any software that does not allow for simultaneous browsing. Jing lets you quickly snap, edit and save an image or record, upload, and distribute a video recording (limited to less than 5 min).

Here are some examples:

Screen capture that's been edited in Jing







Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Flash video recorded with Jing]

Not only is Jing easy to use it is especially easy to share. When you download Jing, you’ll be prompted to also set up an account at Screencast.com After you take a snapshot or create a video, you’ll have the option to share it or save it. Sharing it sends it to your Screencast.com account and gives you a durable URL that you can immediately distribute. It is so easy.

And patrons love it. No more wondering, “Which link does she want me to select?” “Am I on the right page?” “I don’t see the same thing you do.” Jing solves those problems. Jing it, baby!


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