New Books and LibraryThing

One of my responsibilities is to maintain a Research Guide for students, faculty, and library users on how to find information useful to the study of Religions and Mythology. For a little over a year now UWM Libraries has been using the software LibGuides to create, maintain, and distribute our research guides.

The greatest thing going for LibGuides is that it allows me to add a lot of web 2.0 richness to a guide without having knowing too much scripting language. I’m always on the scout for new dynamic and interactive features that I can incorporate into my guides.

For awhile now I’ve been using LibraryThing to promote new books in our collection that would interest religious studies students.  LibraryThing lets me embed a tag cloud and a jacket viewer so folks can get a quick view of these new titles.

That’s cool, but the downside is that if you select a title you don’t immediately see what the call number is. I’m trying to figure out creative ways of adding this information to each book. Any suggestions from fellow LibraryThing users?

Today as I was working in LibraryThing I noticed that the MiddleEastInstitute has added my library to their list of interesting libraries. That’s a nod to the collection development team here at UWM. It got me thinking that LibraryThing could be an interesting way to promote our collections beyond our users. So I’m going to explore new ways to promote this…starting here!

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